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This Website is Dedicated to the Educational and specially for the Students preaparing for IIT JEE and Olympiads.

Every students will find the facilities for their Education that will be very much Helpfull for their Final Selection in IIT JEE as well as in Board Exam also. 

You will Find the following on this website after the Registration with your valid Email ID:


1. If any student want to give the test of  on the Topic on which he/she have Prepared or the topics for  which he/she want to test, in this you can create your  own Test also and can Test Yourself.

2. On this website you will find the Many of the Quality Oriented Test whcih is created by ME and by the best faculties of IIT JEE. By Attempting these Test any Student Can Analyse themself.

3. The Best Part is that when you attempt a Test the result will be in a Graphical Manner where you can find a detailed analysis of your Result.

 ARTICLES ,NOTES and Video Lectures

1. Most of the Students face the Problems about the Classroom Notes so for the solution of this Problem, all the Students can find the Hand written and Printed Notes on this website. All the students can Download the notes or Prepare there Notes Online.

2. All the  students also find he articlles posted by The Faculty whcich will be beneficial in the Preparation for thier subject. Articles may contain the Notes,  Assignments, Short Tricks and the Formulae Banks.

3. Very soon you will find the Classroom Video Lectures also which can easily Accessable at no charge by all the Students. 

 All the Students  can find all other Facilities/Services which Includes:

1. Notes Prepared by the Toppers Students who already cleared the National Level  Exams by Excellent  AIR (Ranks).

2. All the Previous Years Papers of IIT JEE Mains/ IIT JEE ADVANCE/ DIFFERENT OLYMPIADS with thier Detailed Solutions.

3. Different Study materials of different subjects with the Practice papers of Subejcts.

4.  A detailed Information about the Different Exams for Medical and Engineering.

5. All the detailed Solutions of NCERT BOOKS.

6. Various tips for Crack the Exams by the Experts of Education industry.

7. E-Books for better Enhancements of the Subejcts.

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This is informed to all the students that firstly register yourself with the on the website. Just signup on the website and register yourself in more
September 16, 2015
1.Test your self/ attempt theTest created by Faculties Test results by graphical analysis 2. Assignments, Notes by Topper Students,Previous years more
September 15, 2015
Special Edition of One of my Major Book (Based in 3 Volumes) for IIT JEE have launched in Gujarat Specially beneficial for the the Students of more
September 15, 2015
E-Books of NCERT 12th Maths part-1 and Part-2 now available on website
September 16, 2015
E-Books of NCERT 11th Maths Now available on website
September 16, 2015
September 16, 2015
September 16, 2015
solutions of NCERT Maths Books of Class 11th and 12th will be updated very soon. Various material of IIT JEE/CBSE/STATE BOARDS Maths will be Updated more
September 19, 2015