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Question Bank Chemistry (XI+XII)

Question Bank Chemistry (XI + XII)

Covers all the Chapters XI and XII

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    Subject Name: Chemistry

  • Sample Chapter(Solid State)
    02-Atomic Structures 03-Chemical Bonding 04-Solution 05-Solid State 06-Gaseous State 07-Nuclear Chemistry 08-Chemical Equilibrium 09-Ionic Equlibrium 10-Theromodynamics and Thermochemistry 11-Chemical Kinetics 12-Electrochemistry 13-Redox reactions 14-Surface Chemistry 15-Chemical Periodicity 16-General Principle of Extraction of Metal 17-Hydrogen and its compound 18-S and P Block Elements 19-D and F Block Elements 20-Coodination chemistry 21-Chemical Analysis 22-Purification and organic compounds 23-General organic chemistry 24-Hydrocarbons 25-Halogen Containing Compounds 26-Alcohol, Phenol and Ether 27-Aldehydes and Ketones 28-Carboxylic acids and Their derivatives 29-Nitrogen containing Compounds 30-Polymers 31-Biomolecules 32-Chemistry in Action