IAS Toppers Handwritten Notes General Studies Paper I ( English/Pdf )

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IAS Notes GS Paper 1 has three volumes:-

1.Indian Art & Culture, Indian Society & Social Issues, Ancient and Medieval Indian History.

    • Indian Art and Culture will include questions on various art forms, architecture, language & literature.
    • Indian art and culture includes all the information relating to Stupas
    • Architecture during different regimes
    • Indian Society & Social Issue
    • Modern Indian History covers topics like Arrival of European Trading Company
    • Changes in Hindu Marriage System.
    • Medieval Indian History

2: Modern India, Post Independence and Important World History Events.

  • Features of Morden India
  • Various events of world history are discussed here  like American civil war
  • Other events like the Foreign policy of Adolf Hitler, American imperialism in Philippines , Russian Revolution

3: Natural Resources Across the World, Geophysical Phenomena, Salient Features of World and Indian Geography.

  • Know about Natural resources across the world and Geophysical Phenomena.
  • Know about the Structure of Earth.
  • Know about Volcanism,Rocks.
  • Earth is a unique terrestrial planet on which plate tectonics operates
  • Geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone etc.,

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7 reviews for IAS Toppers Handwritten Notes General Studies Paper I ( English/Pdf )

  1. Anil Kumar

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  2. Rajesh Sharma

    best notes in the market. Wonderful work toppersnotes team!

  3. Komal Rajput

    Great Initiative Team !
    keep enlightening the bright minds !!

  4. Tony

    i used toppers notes of IAS and complete syllabus and quality important topics helped me to crack the exam

  5. Ghanshyam Sharma

    i used these notes in last days of exams for revision and found these best

  6. Ravi

    Nic to refer books

  7. Krishna

    Thankyou for providing such type of notes.

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