General Studies Paper IV ( English ) (Hard Copy/COD)

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IAS general studies paper has 4 volume:-

Volume 1 contains Ethics

  • Talent should be placed in a good way (Morality in action)
  • Rules for deciding correct conduct. Ethics are well-founded standard of right & wrong that prescribe what human beings ought to do in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to the society fairness or specific virtues. It tend to be codified into a formal system or a set of rules which are explicitly adopted by the people. Ethics tend to be codified into a formal system

Volume 2 contains topics relating to Integrity 

  • Consistency in the display of morality upright behavior
  • Indian perspective on integrity – In Indian ethical system integrity can be understood as self realization. As well as integration of individual with the ideal. It has elements of both internal & external integrity. It can be understood through the conception of bondage.

 3rd volume covers topic relating to Attitude

  • Potential ability Ability is the power to perform designated work
  • Our lasting evaluation of various aspects of our social world
  • All the topics with its structure and functions
  • They are mental, neural state of readiness organized through experience exerting a directive influence upon individual response to all objects and situations with which it is related

4th volume contains  Relative Case Studies

  • Relative case studies  with all facts figures questions
  • judgment options in details

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11 reviews for General Studies Paper IV ( English ) (Hard Copy/COD)

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  2. Vikram singh

    I am a chemistry faculty. I had purchased toppersnotes from their website. I have been using toppernotes as a reference material to teach my students. Great work!

  3. Jitesh Khatik

    Great notes!! easy to understand and conceptual

  4. Urmila

    I suggest this book to almost everyone.

  5. Nitin Badgoti

    Excellent Handwritten notes

  6. Bhavya

    Notes are good but my books cover page was damaged.

  7. Vinod Kumar Chandel

    Amazing notes…very helpful!!
    covered all topics
    recommend to all
    great job toppersnotes

  8. Rekha Kumari

    toppers handwritten notes very usefully IAS exam and all student for normal cost price

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    Very useful notes for IAS exam

  10. Shubham Vijay

    Marvelous job done by toppersnotes team. Just check samples on their website and you will realize the amount of effort the team has done. Thanx

  11. Sarfaraj

    I Bought notes for IAS english and they are Superb , It matches the syllabus and the content quality is very good.
    one or two pages are not clear but overall print quality is Great.

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