NEET/AIIMS Inorganic Chemistry Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

(8 customer reviews)


1. Periodic Table
2. Boron Family
3. Coordination Chemistry
4. D & F Block
5. Hydrogen Compound
6. Metallurgy
7. S & P Block
8. Salt Analysis


Hard Copy, Soft Copy

8 reviews for NEET/AIIMS Inorganic Chemistry Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

  1. Divya Agrahari

    Excellent material to understand the concepts from basics.

  2. Kumar Dhiraj

    Books are in great condition….And good content too…!!

  3. Jai Sharma

    Good book to buy for Inorganic chemistry. ti crack NEET/AIIMS good collection of topper notes

  4. Raman Kumar

    Class room notes, an insightful book into teaching methodology.

  5. Ritesh Kumar

    Really better one compare to other books, loved it.

  6. Kapil Yogi

    Very very helpful for all medical aspirants who want to crack exams like Neet and other….buy these notes for better study

  7. Somnath Dash

    I have bought a lot of books for NEET prep, these notes were worth the cost. I would quote-

  8. Ankit Kumar

    Amazing notes! Now I do not regret the decision of not going to a coaching institute for NEET preparation.

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