JEE Complete Physics for Main & Advanced by NV Sir (USB) 2 Years.

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JEE Complete Physics for Main & Advanced by NV Sir (USB) 2 Years NV sir is known to train the young minds for perfection in physics and finalizing them to face any type of exam papers. Keep in mind not to jump to problem solving without mastering the concept and NV Sir is known to clear all concepts of physics through his simple and logical skills.This course by NV Sir revolves around the concept building of JEE physics syllabus. Master the concept of JEE physics topics covering class 12th. Covers major physics syllabus for class 12th JEE Advanced. This Course Covers the Syllabus of Major Topics of Class 11th, but they are taught as per 13th Class level. Designed and Developed by the experienced faculty of KOTA (IIT BHU). The main advantage of this course is not only imparting knowledge of the physics subject but also helps to attain expertise over speed, accuracy, philosophy & concepts for an all-round achievement in JEE Physics. Lecture videos are enriched with basics and advanced concepts. One can starts from the basics and gradually expands his/her knowledge and understanding of the concept of physics. Medium of Instruction of this course is English.. For more details visit


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