NEET/AIIMS Organic Chemistry Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

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1. General Organic Chemistry
2. IUPAC Nomenclature
3.Some Basic Principle and Techniques
4. Organic Reaction
5. Isomerism
6. Alkyl Halide, Alcohol and Ether
7.Haloalkane and HaloArenes
8.Aldehydes And Ketones
10.Aromatic Compound
11.Biomolecule POC, And Polymers


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13 reviews for NEET/AIIMS Organic Chemistry Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

  1. Kiran Dangi

    Good packing neat and clean notes very useful

  2. Rahul Parmar

    I am very thankful to toppersnotes for providing high quality notes.

  3. Vaibhav Sardar

    Very very helpful for all medical aspirants who want to crack exams like Neet and other….buy these notes for better study

  4. Neeraj Kumar

    All notes soft copy price rate half of hard copy price. Nice

  5. Sadik Salmani

    It is very helpful for crack neet/aiims exam

  6. Antra Rana

    I suggest this book to almost everyone. I have taken coaching in delhi for one year. All those concepts taught there are already written here

  7. Prabal Adhikari

    Amazing very easy to understand

  8. Ajay Kumar

    Amazing notes! Now I do not regret the decision of not going to a coaching institute for NEET/AIIMS preparation. I checked with my friends who go to coaching institutes, these notes cover pretty much everything covered at my friends coaching institute. Thanks toppersnotes.

  9. Khushi Sharma

    Really better one compare to other books, loved it.

  10. Mohit Dahiya

    Awesome notes really helpfull. Thank you

  11. Manish Roy

    You need to have patience to study and also memorising may be a problem. But Notes is good. So much information

  12. Uday Raaz

    I have bought a lot of books for NEET prep, these notes were worth the cost. I would quote-

  13. Shelly Malik

    Excellent material to understand the concepts from basics.

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