IIT JEE Physical Chemistry ( XI & XII ) Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

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Includes The Following:

Chapter 1 Mole Concept (Class XI)
Chapter 2 Stoichiometry Class (XI)
Chapter 3 Atomic Structure (Class XI)
Chapter 4 Gaseous State
Chapter 5 Chemical Equilibrium (Class XI)
Chapter 6 Ionic Equilibrium (Class XI)
Chapter 7 Redox (Class XI)
Chapter 8 Thermodynamics (Class XI)
Chapter 9 Liquid & Solutions (Class XII)
Chapter 10 Solid State (Class XII)
Chapter 11 Electrochemistry (Class XII)
Chapter 12 Chemical Kinetics (Class XII)
Chapter 13 Radioactivity (Class XII)
Chapter 14 Thermochemistry (Class XII)
Chapter 15 Surface Chemistry (Class XII)


Hard Copy, Soft Copy

11 reviews for IIT JEE Physical Chemistry ( XI & XII ) Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

  1. Mohit Sharma (verified owner)

    Good book to buy for physical chemistry.

  2. Abhishek Jain (verified owner)

    toppers handwritten notes help us to score better

  3. Varsha Shamra (verified owner)

    Good quality notes helping me a lot

  4. Nisha Gupta (verified owner)

    Nice Handwritten notes for iit jee preparation

  5. Ashish Soni (verified owner)

    Really better one compare to other books, loved it.

  6. Vimal Bansal (verified owner)

    toppers handwritten notes very usefully IIT JEE exam and all student for normal cost price

  7. Durgesh Gupta (verified owner)

    Thankyou for providing such type of notes.

  8. Naina (verified owner)

    Very useful for preparation of iit jee exams

  9. Rahul Sharma (verified owner)

    best study notes ever

  10. Anamika (verified owner)

    Class room notes, an insightful book into teaching methodology.

  11. Sohan Gupta (verified owner)

    Excellent to prepare ..I recommend it .

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