IAS Toppers Handwritten Notes General Studies Paper IV ( English/Pdf )

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IAS general studies paper has 4 volume:-

Volume 1 contains Ethics

  • Talent should be placed in a good way (Morality in action)
  • Rules for deciding correct conduct. Ethics are well-founded standard of right & wrong that prescribe what human beings ought to do in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to the society fairness or specific virtues. It tend to be codified into a formal system or a set of rules which are explicitly adopted by the people. Ethics tend to be codified into a formal system

Volume 2 contains topics relating to Integrity 

  • Consistency in the display of morality upright behavior
  • Indian perspective on integrity – In Indian ethical system integrity can be understood as self realization. As well as integration of individual with the ideal. It has elements of both internal & external integrity. It can be understood through the conception of bondage.

 3rd volume covers topic relating to Attitude

  • Potential ability Ability is the power to perform designated work
  • Our lasting evaluation of various aspects of our social world
  • All the topics with its structure and functions
  • They are mental, neural state of readiness organized through experience exerting a directive influence upon individual response to all objects and situations with which it is related

4th volume contains  Relative Case Studies

  • Relative case studies  with all facts figures questions
  • judgment options in details

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7 reviews for IAS Toppers Handwritten Notes General Studies Paper IV ( English/Pdf )

  1. Nisha Gupta

    Great notes!! easy to understand and conceptual

  2. Vijay Dhawan

    Excellent work

  3. Mahendra Kumar

    i used these notes in coaching test for revision and found these best

  4. Tinku

    Writing is good….very helpful in clearing topics…..and best thing for revision.

  5. Shashi Maurya

    I can see they have put a lot of effort in bringing compiled notes of toppers. Keep it up

  6. Vikash Kumar

    best notes in the market. Wonderful work toppersnotes team!

  7. Sachin

    I have found best study material on this website thanks

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