NEET/AIIMS Complete Physics Toppers Handwritten Notes (PDF)

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Chapter 1 Basic Maths (Class XI)
Chapter 2 Vectors (Class XI)
Chapter 3 Differentiation (Class XI)
Chapter 4 Integration (Class XI)
Chapter 5 Kinematics (Class XI)
Chapter 6 Newtons Laws Of Motion (Class XI)
Chapter 7 Work energy And Power (Class XI)
Chapter 8 Gravitation (Class XI)
Chapter 9 System of particles (Class XI)
Chapter 10 Rotational Dynamics (Class XI)
Chapter 11 Fluid & Surface Tension (Class XI)
Chapter 12. Heat & Thermodynamics (Class XI)
Chapter 13 SHM & Elasticity (Class XI)
Chapter 14 Waves (Class XI)
Chapter 15 Electrostatics (Class XII)
Chapter 16 Current Electricity (Class XII)
Chapter 17 Magnetostatics (Class XII)
Chapter 18 Electromagnetic Induction (Class XII)
Chapter 19 Alternating Current (Class XII)
Chapter 20 Ray Optics (Class XII)
Chapter 21 Wave Optics (Class XII)
Chapter 22 Modern Physics (Class XII)


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